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67: Tim Said, Man

Accidental Tech Podcast

  • We'll be guests on the WWDC live episode of The Talk Show: Tuesday, June 3, 6–9 PM. Get tickets here ASAP! John will be taking a plane... for you.
  • Follow-up:
  • If the "iPhone 6" comes in two sizes, which do you buy?
  • WWDC product-announcement predictions:
  • Drawing conclusions from the "To Be Announced" sessions in the WWDC schedule.
  • WWDC predictions for Mac OS X 10.10:
    • Just a visual refresh, or notable improvements to the core OS as well?
    • Apple shuffling engineers around to work on the new hotness while neglecting its established platforms and applications.
    • Modernization or replacement of AppKit, possibly by bringing the relevant parts of UIKit to Mac?
    • Is there any hope for a new filesystem, possibly by evolving Core Storage?
  • WWDC predictions for iOS 8:
    • Better inter-app communication:
    • Springboard enhancements?
    • Please kill Newsstand. Please. Just make them normal app icons.
    • Could Remote View Controllers and Background Refresh be used for widgets, live tiles, or dynamic icons?
    • Customizable default browser, mail app, etc.?
  • WWDC predictions for new or improved web services:

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