Entrepreneurs on Fire

How to be Brilliantly Resilient After Life's Sucker Punches with Mary Fran Bontempo and Kristin Smedley

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Mary Fran Bontempo and Kristin Smedley know their brilliance. But they didn’t always. Both Kristin and Mary Fran know what it feels like to be sucker punched by life. But they refused to let those sucker punches define them. Together they created Brilliantly Resilient--a show, podcast, program and now a book, to teach others how to Reset, Rise and Reveal their Brilliance to the world!

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. Do not be married to outcomes. There’s always going to be something that pushes you off course, but the beauty is there’s also opportunity in that.

2. When you are executing your brilliance, everything is aligned and you’re feeling good. But don’t assume that it will get you to exactly where you want to go.

3. There are core values in how you live your life - once you align the things you do with your core values, then exponential success happens.

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