The UK Election: 1. How do you get the campaign right?


Understand the UK Election is a simple 10-episode guide to everything that is going on in the election.

Hosted by Adam Fleming, it looks at everything from candidate selection and leader debates, to results day and the difference a manifesto can make, speaking to journalists, election forecasters and people who have worked at the heart of politics.

The series kicks off by taking you inside the campaign trail and asking how parties make it work to their advantage.

This episode was hosted by Adam Fleming, Newscast and Anti-Social, alongside political correspondent and host of Any Questions Alex Forsyth, as well as John McTernan who worked as Tony Blair's Political Secretary and Lee Cain, key strategist for Boris Johnson’s campaign to be prime minister and Downing Street Director of Communications.

Producers: Alix Pickles and Alex Lewis

Production Manager: Janet Staples

Editor: Sam Bonham

Credit: Good Morning Britain for the Boris Johnson in a fridge archive clip.

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