The UK Election: 3. What difference does a manifesto make?


Understand the UK Election is a simple 10-part guide to everything that is going on in the election, hosted by Adam Fleming.

In this episode, Adam looks at manifestos; a set of policies that a party stands for and would hope to deliver if elected. What is their place in British political history? How do they get written and who are they actually for?

This episode was hosted by Adam Fleming, from Newscast and Anti-Social, with Rachel Wolf, who co-wrote the Conservativesโ€™ 2019 manifesto for Boris Johnson, and Jonathan Rutherford, who co-wrote Labourโ€™s 2015 manifesto when Ed Miliband was in charge.

Producers: Alix Pickles and Alex Lewis

Production Manager: Janet Staples

Editor: Sam Bonham

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