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147: Elixir and Phoenix

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Chris McCord joined the show to take us on a deep dive into the Phoenix web framework and Elixir. We covered the similarities between Ruby and Erlang, getting started with Elixir, and deploying Phoenix. He also shared his plans for the 1.0 release and the future of Phoenix.


  • Codeship – If it works with Docker, it works with Codeship Jet.
  • Toptal – Join Toptal and work with awesome people from anywhere in the world. Freelance with companies like Airbnb, Artsy & IDEO.
  • Postico – A Modern PostgreSQL Client for the Mac.


Notes and Links

Chris McCord is the creator of the Phoenix web framework.

“Jose said it best… When he first looked into Erlang, he loved everything he saw, but hated everything he didn’t see. That’s how Elixir came about; filling in the gaps, building off all the things he loved.” - Chris McCord

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