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145: 10+ Years of Rails

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David Heinemeier Hansson, aka DHH joined the show to talk through the past, present, and future of Ruby on Rails — the most beloved web application framework in the Ruby community.


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Notes and Links

Ruby on Rails has influenced many frameworks over the years, and David shares with us a candid look at 10+ Years of Ruby on Rails.

David shares stories about why he started Ruby on Rails, and explains why programmers should market their projects. He discussed his early work on Rails, some of the early early contributors to Rails, how the success of Basecamp helped Rails succeed (and vice versa), the io.js & Node.js complications, his thoughts on getting paid for working on open source, and so much more.

“If programming is going to be the thing I spend my time on, it damn well better be awesome. I need to have a good time.” - DHH @ 9:42

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