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276 RR Hiring and Retention with Kenzi Connor

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1:15 - Introducing Kenzi Connor

4:15 - Senior developer vs Junior developer: Sustainability and hiring

8:25 -  Examining the “senior-obsessed field”

10:00 - Importance of sustainability

12:35 - Lottery-ticket thinking

13:35 - Solutions to the junior vs senior dilemma

21:10 - Diversity and productivity

23:50 - Effective management strategies

31:00 - Strategies for going from a high-conformity company to a more diverse company

36:05 - Why junior developers leave your company


Mandy Moore (Sam)

Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World by Caroline Yoachim (Jessica)

Foreign exchange students (Charles)

Octavia Butler (Kenzi)

Black Girls Code  (Kenzi)


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