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251 RR Automating Code Reviews with Mindaugas Mozūras

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02:04 - Mindaugas Mozūras Introduction

02:36 - Automating Code Reviews

03:17 - What is a code review and why do it?

03:39 - Styles of Code Reviews: What parts should be automated?    

06:04 - pronto vs rubocop

08:26 - Workflow

10:14 - Runners

11:42 - Feedback

13:21 - Use Cases for Pronto

14:28 - How has pronto changed your codebase?

15:34 - Feelings and Code Reviews; Agreeing on Standards as a Team

17:38 - Return Values

19:43 - Reviewing Pull Requests and Code Review Ethics

25:56 - Feature Flags

27:21 - Managing Open Source Projects and Communities

30:37 - What’s next for pronto?


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