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208 RR Erlang with Francesco Cesarini

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02:45 - Francesco Cesarini Introduction

03:08 - Erlang Programming Language

08:23 - Francesco and Erlang

10:49 - Building a Company Around a Language (Erlang Solutions)

16:00 - The Erlang Programming Language

24:25 - Error Handling Semantics

  • Actors and Supervisors
  • The Client-Server Behavior
  • The Event Handler
  • Finite State Machines

30:23 - Getting Started with Erlang

34:23 - Elixir

35:28 - Erlang and Polyglot Architecture

37:01 - WombatOAM

38:57 - Erlang Pros and Cons

  • Cons:
    • Number Crunching
    • Parallelism
    • Graphics, Web Development, and Frontends
  • Pros:

40:44 - TDD (Test-Driven Development)

46:10 - Languages/Technologies on the Horizon (for Francesco)

48:21 - The Erlang Community

50:24 - Writing Apps with Erlang / IoT?


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