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196 JSJ Tabris.js with Jochen Krause and Ian Bull

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02:31 - Jochen Krause Introduction

03:21 - Ian Bull Introduction

04:01 - Tabris.js

04:48 - Tabris vs React, Cordova, and React Native

  • Exposing Bluetooth Functionality

08:25 - Benefits/Advantages of Using Tabris

12:45 - Creating Panels and Flows

14:26 - Getting Started Experience

16:40 - Handling Updates; Live Updating

25:15 - Views (Declarative and Imperative UI)

29:09 - "Write once, run anywhere." vs "Learn once write anywhere."

35:21 - Why have other projects failed or not failed?

39:41 - What does it mean to be statically compiled?

40:44 - Styling: Creating a Middle Group that Looks and Feels Good (iOS vs Android)

  • Cross-platform Logic and Ecosystems

47:51 - ES6 Implications

49:29 - Plugins


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