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188 JSJ JavaScript Code Smells with Elijah Manor

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02:22 - Elijah Manor Introduction

04:49 - What is a “Code Smell”?

10:21 - Copy/Paste Code Error

13:11 - Using ES6 to Eliminate Code Smells

15:48 - Refactoring Case Statements

21:29 - Juniors and Code Smells

  • Code Reviews

27:29 - Isomorphic Code

31:12 - Framework Code Smells

33:47 - Identifying New Code Smells

36:33 - When Code Smells are OK

39:10 - Why use parameters?


Terms And Conditions May Apply (AJ)
Nodevember (Aimee)
Developer Tea (Aimee)
Jake Shimabukuro (Joe)
Screeps (Joe)
react-styleguide-generator (Elijah)
react-styleguidist (Elijah)
The Phantom Menace - What it Should Have Been (AJ)
Attack of the Clones - What it Should Have Been (AJ)

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