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The Sausage Factory Episode 89: Gary Plowman

The Sausage Factory presented by

Show host Chris ORegan first got his taste for programming on a Sinclair ZX81 way back in the distant past of the early 1980s. 35 years later Gary Plowman creates and publishes a book last in 2015 called ZX Spectrum Games Code Club, which is on the development of games on the ZX Spectrum. Chris immediately jumped on it and started making games on one of his many Spectrums to relearn the skills that left him many years ago. The strength of the book is the crystal clear description of what the code did and is very much written with the novice in mind.

Music from the show comes from three ZX Spectrum games using the 1 channel beeper and not the 128k version of the machine that appeared later on in the machine's life that had a dedicated sound chip. The tunes are, in order of play, Enigma Force, Blade Runner and Chronos.

Running time: 01:21:03

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