Myths and Legends

77-Romanian Folklore: Mrs. Piggy

Myths and Legends

The story of a dark (well, dark-ish. Actually, kind of not even that. You'll see.) prophecy, a kingdom overrun by monsters (again, kind of), and one woman's globe spanning quest to do what's right (that's pretty much correct). Also, pig plague parties are only fun if you're a talking swine with a moderately sinister agenda.

The creature this time is the Alkutane, from the folklore of the Pacific Northwest, in the US. These creatures will leave fun little baubles by your ear. Oops. My bad, I meant to say bubbles. Bubbles filled with your undigested brains. And they're not fun.


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"Vanagon" by Podington Bear

"Trellis" by Podington Bear

"TrailwaysA" by Podington Bear

"Bambi" by Podington Bear

"Daemones" by Kai Engel

"Modum" by Kai Engel

"Locked Up" by Fleslit

"Cach" by Blue Dot Sessions

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