Myths and Legends

76-Greek Myths: Lioness

Myths and Legends

The story of Atalanta is one of the woman who just couldn't be stopped...and of a world that had a big, big problem with that. Giant monster fights, meddling gods, and well-known heroes make an appearance in the story of a heroine who just can't be kept down.

The creature this week is Al, from North Africa, and he's a great reason to not run with scissors.


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"Gringo Steele Rocks the 40" by Rolemusic

"Death on the Battlefield" by Rolemusic

"Seventh Hill" by Podington Bear

"Vengeful" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Tuck and Point" by Blue Dot Sessions

"The Cast and Favor" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Set the Tip Jar" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Mercurial Vision" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Lemon and Melon" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Andelo" by Blue Dot Sessions

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