Myths and Legends

74-Japanese Folklore: Do You Really Want to Live Forever?

Myths and Legends

The story of Sentaro the millionaire* is about a man with a dream. Well, not really a dream, but a deep, abiding fear of death. Soon, he becomes so obsessed with avoiding the inevitable that it leads him on a journey across Japan and later the world to find a way to avoid that which will come to us all.

The creatures this time are from the US and one will "please and excite" you in the forest...then lure you back to its place where it will turn you into an electric eel burrito.

*Sentaro is not a millionaire and really not very smart at all.



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"Waltz and Fury" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Tralaga" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Twosome" by Podington Bear

"Spring Comes Early" by Podington Bear

"Big Blue" by Podington Bear

"Norvik" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Drone Pine" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Chilvat" by Blue Dot Sessions

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Myths and Legends

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