Myths and Legends

73-Japanese Folklore: I will find you

Myths and Legends

A young woman's father is taken, and she decided to go to the edges of the known world to get him back, to a faraway island harboring a dark and terrible secret.

The creature this week is skunk ape! He's 0% skunk, 0% ape, and 100% into stealing your produce.


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Away: The suitcase that powered our store at a con and the only one I have that I trust with our expensive sound equipment. Seriously, it's a well-designed, sturdy, and smart piece of luggage that you will wonder how you lived without. Check out


"Two Dollar Token" by Blue Dot Sessions
"These Times" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Slow Casino" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Yellow Dust" by Rolemusic
"In My Head" by Podington Bear
"Down and Around" by Podington Bear
"Cylinder Six" by Chris Zabriskie
"Cylinder Five" by Chris Zabriskie
"Drone Thistle" by Blue Dot Sessions
"What Does Anybody Know About Anything" by Chris Zabriskie

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Myths and Legends

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