Myths and Legends

67A-Gawain: To the Dogs

Myths and Legends

You probably had to read the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in high school. I know I did, and it's a great story. There are beheadings, green guys, confusing interactions with ladies. Itย might be one ofย the most violent non-Die Hard Christmas stories. Anyway, everyone knows that. You probably don't know the story I'll tell today. It's of how Gawain grew into the paragon of virtue he's known as in the legends. It involves, of course, dog parties, inept knights, and the most grotesque piece of neckwear we will ever talk about on this podcast.

The creature is a bunch of tiny guys who want to hang out in your room and dance, as long as you're cool with it. Just kidding - they don't care if you're cool with it.



"Quiet Still"


"Pick up the Tempo"

"Marble Transit"

"Chapel Bottom"

"Drifting Spade"

by Blue Dot Sessions






by Podington Bear

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