Myths and Legends

66-Paul Bunyan: Truth in Advertising

Myths and Legends

You know how to make your stories completely resistant to any ridicule from a future podcaster? Make them as ridiculous as possible. The stories of Paul Bunyan arose from the camps of lumberjacks in the US in the 1880s, but he spread to be a nationwide symbol of American strength and a pioneer spirit. Except that a lot of what we know about Paul Bunyan might actually not be folklore, but stories made up to sell stuff. Also, if someone tells you to put something up your nose that feels like bees and lightning, just say no.


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"Nothing will grow here"

"Wake up, heroic figure"

"Fight the apocalypse but before a quick nap"


by Komiku


"Goodnight Esme"

"Three Kites Circling"

by Axletree

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