Myths and Legends

64-Frog Prince: Warts and All

Myths and Legends

The story of the frog prince is well known - a beautiful princess meets a frog, kisses him, and he turns out to be a prince. Except, in the earliest version, it doesn't go like that at all. I won't spoil it, but the original frog prince is extremely bizarre, and I had the most fun writing it of any episode so far.

The second story is of a frog princess, from Russian folklore, and not only is it a great story in its own right, with a stupid king and a ridiculous dating service, but we'll catch back up with our favorite witch living in a house on chicken legs and a certain deathless sorcerer early in his career.

The creature of the week shoots hail out of its ears and kills anyone it sees...unless you're carrying a sack of llama fat.


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"The Spinnet"

"The Silver Hatch"

"The Shoes they Wear"

"Filing Away"


and "Brass Buttons" are all by Blue Dot Session


"Submerging Blue-Black"

"Trailways A"



"Running on Empty"

and "Down and Around" are all by Podington Bear

"Final Sacrifice" by Visager

"Independent Film" by Steve Combs

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