Myths and Legends

60A-Beowulf: I'm Kind of a Big Deal

Myths and Legends

You know the story of Beowulf. I don't need to do this. But really, there's mead. There's Grendel. There are mead-fueled fights with Grendel. It's just a fun, (kind of) light re-telling of the classic story, minus all the yelling, Angelina Jolie, and eye explosions of the 2007 movie.

The creature this week is why you have that perpetual sun burn. And vampire fingers.


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"The Telling" by Blue Dot Sessions

"The Last Whale" by Jelsonic

"Stipple" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Our Quiet Company" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Forecasting" by Podington Bear

"Dunes" by Podington Bear

"Coronea" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Dark Sanctum (Boss Fight)" by Visager

"Title Theme" by Visager


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