Myths and Legends

57-Japanese Fairy Tales: Faithful

Myths and Legends

This week, there are two stories from Japanese folklore.  The first has to do with  a butterfly that just won't give up trying to land on the face of a dying man. The second is of a monk-in-training who just doesn't want to stop partying.

The creature is Hedley Cow, and she will give you hope that that the relationship with your crush might work out...but will leave you standing alone in the swamp.


Check out for some excellent audiobooks. The one I recommended on today's show was "Mythology" by Edith Hamilton.


"The Face on the Thrush" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Tendon" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Planting Flags" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Silent Flock" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Orange Juicier" by Podington Bear

"Grey Grey Joe" by Blue Dot Sessions

"A Path Unwinding" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Slow Lights" by Lee Rosevere

"Summer Days" by Kai Engel


An abridged English version of the Lotus Sutra

The gummy bear anatomy kit


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Myths and Legends

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