Myths and Legends

54C-Gilgamesh: Dust

Myths and Legends

The end of the saga of Gilgamesh...and possibly the end of Gilgamesh, but not if the demi-god has anything to say about it. After a tragic loss, Gilgamesh goes on a quest to defeat mankind's greatest enemy - death itself, and he learns the secrets of our destructive past.

The creature this week slathers his naked body in mud and twigs. Hows that for juxtaposition?


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"Seasong" by Jelsonic | "The Terrerium" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Sunbeam" by Podington Bear | "Holding Hands" by Podington Bear | "Pacing" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Neil Takes Two" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Lead Shroud" by Blue Dot Session | "Epiphany" by Podington Bear | "Dry Air" by Podington Bear | "Studie I" by Jahzzar | "There's a Special Place for some People" by Chris Zabriskie

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