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54A-Gilgamesh: Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Myths and Legends

The Epic of Gilgamesh is amazing. It is quite possibly the oldest epic we have, and though it only exists in fragments, it tells a surprisingly human story. There are questions of life and death, such as what it all means and why are we here? It delves into the issues of what it means to be a human rather than just a beast, what it means to be a good ruler, and what it means to leave a legacy. These are questions relevant even today, over 4,000 years after this story was told.

Of course, it is also folklore, so there is a troubling amount of hairy nudity.

All-in-all, this three-parter will be epic.

For the creature of the week, we'll meet a creepy forest dweller with an unexpected hobby.

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