Myths and Legends

48-Snow White: Killer Queen

Myths and Legends

The original stories of Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, despite their Disney adaptations and being fairy tales largely told to children, are incredibly violent and gruesome. They have murder, kidnapping, and, of course, hot dance moves. Bluebeard is, unsurprisingly, a man with a beard that is blue. What is surprising is what you'll find in his basement.

The creature is from West Africa and will either sit you down for a months-long compulsory lecture on folklore...or drain your blood with its feet and eat you. I'm not sure which is worse.


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"Time Waste" by Podington Bear

"The Last Whale" by Jelsonic

"Seasong" by Jelsonic

"Kingbeat 9" by Podington Bear

"I'm Fat" by Blanket Music

"I Noticed You" by Blanket Music

"Dizzy Spells - Instrumental" by Josh Woodward

"Backdrop" by Blanket Music

"Leave Me on the Subs Bench" by Keshco

"Summer Days" by Keshco

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