Myths and Legends

44-Saint George: Here Be Dragons

Myths and Legends

Three and a half stories of monsters of the ancient world. We meet vile beasts that lurk in the forests, the murky deep, and the wide, desolate places of the world. We meet the baby, the Thor, and the saints that slay them. We meet bears that can be bribed with cake. Folklore is weird.

The creature is a little blue person. I know it's a struggle to not play in barley fields after school. It's a temptation we all deal with every day. Just don't do it. It will end with you being eaten by a little blue monster. Also, don't sumo wrestle children in the street.


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The discussion post:


"Blammo" by Podington Bear

'Filesharer's Lament" by Blanket Music

"Manele" by Blue Dot Sessions

"McKrary" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Molasses" by Podington Bear

"Crush at Maracas Bar" by Rolemusic

"Showers" by Podington Bear

"Wahre" by Blue Dot Sessions


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