Myths and Legends

42-Chinese Folklore (Cinderella): You Only Live Thrice

Myths and Legends

This week, it's two of the earliest Cinderella stories, one of which is the earliest written version of this type of story, pre-dating European versions by 1000 years. It has evil step-mothers, murderous step-sisters, and helpful cows who will vomit up your work and call you stupid.

Trying to grow a beard and keep your five-year-old from having dreadlocks? Then you do not want this week's creature hanging around your house.

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"Interstate 70 Rain Chants" by Fields Ohio

"Djangle" by Poddington Bear

"Vault" by Jahzzar

"I'm going for a coffee" by Lee Rosevere

"And So Then" by Lee Rosevere

"Slow Lights" by Lee Rosevere

"Third in Line" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Tortoise Shell" by Podington Bear

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