Myths and Legends

41B-Lancelot: Promises to Keep

Myths and Legends

Things get weird on Lancelot's journey to become a knight of the Round Table...if Merlin trying to pick up a twelve-year-old last week wasn't strange enough. This week has ancient prophecies, a dangerous quest, aΒ fatherΒ and son stalker duo, kind of too much hair-smelling, and a sleazy innkeeper. Arthur has a particularly bad month, where his two closest friends turn in their resignations.

The creature this week will protect your kidnapping them?


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"Feldspar" by Poddington Bear

"Flute Feet" by Poddington Bear

"Hundy Mil Tight" by Poddington Bear

"Into the Unknown" by Poddington Bear

"One Quiet Conversation" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Outside the Terminal" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Ray Gun Lull" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Provisions" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Ants" by Rolemusic

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