Myths and Legends

41A-Lancelot: The Stolen Child

Myths and Legends

We're back in the time of King Arthur, picking up right about where we stopped off last time (though you don't need to have heard last time to listen today). We'll be talking about the story of Lancelot - where this incredibly important character came from and why he's know as Lancelot of the Lake (spoiler alert, he grew up in a lake). Merlin gets weird, and we catch up with a certain lion-befriending knight that helped to kick off this whole podcast.

The creature is the bouncy bear who is basically a bullet-proof superhero...if all superheroes did was eat horses and sleep.


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"It's always too late to start over" by Chris Zabriskie

"Twelve Monkeys (Instrumental Version)" by Josh Woodward

"Black is the Color" by Poddington Bear

"Lone Road" by Poddington Bear

"Old Skin" by Poddington Bear

"Spinning Meter" by Blue Dot Sessions

"The Rampart" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Two Boys and a Girl" by Poddington Bear

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