Myths and Legends

31B-Viking Sagas: Face-off

Myths and Legends

The conclusion of the Saga of Arrow-Odd, a man who is destined to live 300 years, yet cursed to be killed by his favorite horse. He's watched his friends and brothers die in his struggle with his adversary, the evil half-troll Ogmund, but this battle is destined to stretch over centuries, into a world that looks completely different to both of them.

The creatures this week hang out in pantries, and either tempt you with too much cake or destroy your ill-gotten, likely buttercat-acquired food.

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"Everybody's Got Problems that Aren't Mine" by Chris Zabriskie

"Back in Time" by Jason Staczek

"What does Anybody Know About Anything" by Chris Zabriskie

"Cheap Suit" by Jason Staczek

"You've Sent for the Absent" by Rowan Box

"Royal Flush" by Keshco

"Shadowplay (goth dream pop)" by Keshco

"Thoughtful" by Lee Rosevere

"Yokushun" by Rolemusic

"Saying Goodbye in the Rain (piano)" by Jelsonic


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