Myths and Legends

25-Dragons: This is Where You Get to Make it Right

Myths and Legends

The story of a famous dragon from the folklore of north east England is filled with knights, curses, and, of course, the need to kill your favorite childhood dog. The story of the Lambton Worm is a quest for redemption where many peopleย die because of a young man who just wants to yell cuss words at children and throw his trash in a well.

The creature of the week is the butter cat. That should be enough to want to listen to the creature of the week.

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"Another Version of You" by Chris Zabriskie

"Whispering Through" by Asura

"Heart and Mind" by Kai Engel

"Ride with the Moon" by TRG Banks

"Touch the Darkness" by Kai Engel

"Horse Ride 1" by TRG Banks


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Myths and Legends

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