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#153 Alex Wearn: Decentralized Capital and Government Currencies on Ethereum

Epicenter – Podcast on Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies

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A topic which is often discussed is the limited use of Ethereum applications without stable cryptocurrencies. Prediction markets are a prime example of this. When one makes a prediction using Ether, he or she is in fact entering into to speculations: one being the outcome of the actual prediction, the other being the price of Ether when the prediction resolves. Projects like Maker DAO try to solve the problem by developing complex systems to ensure that a blockchain token keeps its value in sync with fiat currencies. But Decentralized Capital is taking a different approach by issuing fiat-pegged tokens on Ethereum that are backed by bank deposits. CEO Alex Wearn joined us to explain their approach to providing a fundamental piece of Ethereum infrastructure.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • The problem Decentralized Capital is trying to solve
  • What the architecture of Decentralized Capital looks like
  • The relationship between Crypto Capital and Decentralized Capital
  • Why the ability of freezing and confiscating assets is required
  • Some of the best use cases for Decentralized Capital
  • The regulatory environment of Decentralized Capital
  • The Decentralized Capital business model

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