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Interview: Ben Greenfield on Fat Loss & the Spartan Lifestyle

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“Listen to your body very carefully, to discover what works best for you in a diet” - Ben Greenfield

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Ben Greenfield is a legend in fitness and dieting, and today we’re discussing veganism, the good, the bad, and the ugly, the future of dieting, the secret to fat loss supplements that actually work, and the most important item to cut out of your diet (hint: it’s not sugar).

If you’re looking for ways to up your game when it comes to your diet, your workouts, and your lifestyle, this episode will give you the knowledge required to do just that. Listen up, take notes, and also make sure to subscribe to Ben Greenfield’s own podcast on iTunes.

“The future of diets is in-depth customization toward specific gene makeups” - Ben Greenfield

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • The future of diets is in-depth customization toward specific gene makeups
  • Veganism is a great diet to clean you up, if you have been eating a lot of less clean foods
  • While veganism can be a good thing for a short amount of time, to clean out your system, a lot of people have difficulties with the diet in the long run
  • When you are stuck on one diet for a long time, your chances of missing certain important nutrients goes up
  • Look at dieting as something that you rotate, moving through different types, to not only find what works best for you, but also to make sure you are developing any deficiencies by following one diet for too long
  • Listen to your body very carefully, to discover what works best for you in a diet
  • Bad animals sources are worse for you than bad vegan sources
  • The secret to fat loss is to:
    • Not have your blood sugar levels rise throughout the day
    • Have no period of time during the day when those blood sugar levels spike
  • Accomplish the above by:
    • Consuming the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of ceylon cinnamon per day
    • Consuming bitter melon extract
  • Any supplement that claims to be for fat loss should accomplish that not by jacking up your central nervous system, but by instead controlling your blood sugar levels
  • The best beginner diet is one you can stick with
  • Cut out any oil that has been oxidized, heated, or pressurized
  • Try to find and eat local foods whenever possible


“Diet Cults” by Matt Fitzgerald

“Beyond Training” by Ben Greenfield


Ben Greenfield Fitness: Podcast

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