Myths and Legends

89-Maui: The Mauiest Maui

Myths and Legends

Maui. Trickster. Demigod. Sometimes-fish.

Abandoned at birth but in the possession of great power, the story of Maui is the story of an underdog that came to help the human race in immeasurable ways: giving them fire, pulling up islands, making the day longer, killing monsters to give coconuts, and convincing the sun to give us some more time in the beating him mercilessly with a fishhook.

The creature is a square hedgehog. It's yellow, and makes a terrible pet, because not only does it like to get your horses sick, but it's not remotely housebroken and enjoys urinating basically everywhere.


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"Am Trans"
"Ice Pack"
"Rubber Robot"
"So it Goes"
"Spring Comes Early"
"Surface Tension 1"
"Swing Lo"
"The Confrontation"
all by Podington Bear

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