Myths and Legends

90-Viking Legends: Mighty

Myths and Legends

The land of giants. Jotunheim. The realm of the monstrous "other" from Norse myth. Thorstein grew up being told it was only a legend, and he probably thought as much...until he walked into it.

This is the epic saga of Thorstein Mansion-Might, a legendary Viking who is bigger than doors.

The creature this time is Dr. Big Bird. He's a big bird who is an ancient world doctor. That sounds impressive until you think that probably anyone alive today is qualified to be an ancient world doctor.



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"Direct to Video" by Chris Zabriskie

"Cases to Rest" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Aim is True" by Podington Bear

"Boardwalk" by Podington Bear

"Chrysalis" by Podington Bear

"Degradation" by Podington Bear

"March" by Podington Bear

"Miss You" by Podington Bear

"Rubber Robot" by Podington Bear

"Tarnish" by Podington Bear

"These Times" by  Blue Dot Sessions

"Well Water" by Blue Dot Sessions

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