Myths and Legends

92-Greek Myths: Gigantic

Myths and Legends

There is someone that isn't happy that the family of Zeus and Hera is sitting on Olympus. Well, there are many people that aren't happy about it. Actually most people except for Zeus and his family aren't thrilled about it. Even then, they all kind of hate each other.

Regardless, someone finally comes along to do something about Zeus and his ilk. Someone from their past...and she's coming with an army that has the ability to finally put an end to the Olympians once and for all.

The creature this time is a jacked angry unicorn with fabulous hair.


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"Tumult" by Kai Engel

"Periculum" by Kai Engel

"Tumbler" by Podington Bear

"Jackbird" by Blue Dot Sessions

"The Black Frame" by Rolemusic

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