Best of the Web: the MetaFilter Podcast

136: 2017 year-end call-in show

Best of the Web: the MetaFilter Podcast

It's the call-in show! Jessamyn and a very sleepy moi chatter for a bit about site and life stuff in haphazard fashion, interspersed with a couple long strings of calls from a bunch of lovely and occasionaly slightly cheeky MeFites. It was a lot of fun and a minor pain in the ass to put together, and runs about 80 minutes total.

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Thanks to all the folks who called in (in approximate order of appearance and please forgive any addled username typos):

Chura Chura, hexydexy, hippybear, dig dug, MoveableBookLady, ellieboa, Oyeah, Dumsnill, Endotoxin, divabat, Janetland, scruss, ocherdraco, holmesian, Johnny Wllflower, h00py, the child we call Mini McGee, Celsius1414, josher71, Slappy_Pinchbottom, a mysterious poet, Samizdata, a literal anonymous lurker, Mchelly, dances to blue, bondcliff, rmd1023, Fizz, wallaber, rangerfinder 1.4, someone from Chile, Elephants Vanish, Wordshore, Stanczyk, not_on_display, mandolin conspiracy, Tiger bear, Gotanda, ignignokt, Songdog, languagehat, ktamas, alleged poet Claude Cooper, churl, the wrong kind fo cheese, gusandrews, LobsterMitten and her cat Ozzy, tacocat, Pallas Athena, and a whole pile of cheeky Sydney MeFites, with bonus songs at the end by valrus and rangefinder 1.4.

Other than that, the non-call-in parts are shorter than usual and all over the place, so:

some links!
- Kenji Dreams of Sausage by ultraviolet catastrophe
- a comment by kenjialt
- Riding a Time Capsule Up & Down by MovableBookLady
- OUR AUDIENCE INCLUDES by Sokka shot first
- Procedural Planet Generator by Zarkonnen (MeFi Post)
- Fractals in your Mastodon feed by suetanvil
- Animated Advent Calendar by dirtdirt
- Fanfare Errors / IMDB API Removed by frimble
- Was there an increase in the edit window's window? by cgg
- Metatalktail Hour: I want to get those stories recognized by hippybear
- Neural Networks and AskMe/MeFi by Omnomnom
- Who Are The Bloggers of Metafilter? by COD
- Art Garfunkel's reading list
- Jessamyn's reading list

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