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283: Devhints - TL;DR for Developer Documentation

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Rico Sta. Cruz joined us to talk about his project Devhints (cheatsheets for developers). There are more than 365 cheatsheets you can contribute to and it’s open source. We talked about the design, technical implementation, community, alternate interfaces like the command line. We also talked about RSJS, RSCSS, and Docpress.


  • Command Line Heroes – A new podcast about the epic true tales of the developers, hackers, and open source rebels revolutionizing the tech landscape from the command line up. Presented by Red Hat.
  • Linode – Our cloud server of choice. Get one of the fastest, most efficient native SSD cloud servers for only $5/mo. Use the code changelog2018 to get 4 months free!
  • Google Cloud Platform Podcast – Google Cloud Platform weekly podcast is where Google developer advocates Melanie Warrick and Mark Mandel answer questions, get in the weeds and talk to GCP teams, customers, and partners about best practices—from security to machine learning and more. Hear from technologists all across Google about trends and cool things happening with our technology.
  • GoCD – GoCD is an on-premise open source continuous delivery server created by ThoughtWorks that lets you automate and streamline your build-test-release cycle for reliable, continuous delivery of your product.


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“You have to sell what it is you’re building in your documentation. It’s not just describing what it is and how to use it. It’s about telling interesting stories.” - Rico Sta. Cruz

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