Myths and Legends

100B-Knights of the Round Table: Family Reunion

Myths and Legends

Things get weird this week. The knights continue their quests through the Country of Strange Adventure, and the side-quests becomes the main quest as the knights get involved with:

  1. Bad breakups
  2. Vengeance
  3. Dragons eating dogs eating stags
  4. Death choirs
  5. Elderly women looking for a good time
  6. Church decorations
  7. Way too much more

Also, were you wondering what happened to Arthur's incestuous offspring, Mordred? Neither was anyone else! But he's back just in time for something horrible to happen.


The creature this time is the cuero, a nice looking blanket to keep sand off you on the beach and also maybe your skin as well.



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Let me know if you want a list of excellent mythology-related audiobooks, because I can get you a long list of myths and legends related audiobooks. You already love listening to stories, so check out Audible at or text MYTHS to 500-500 for a 30-day trial and a free first audiobook.





"Lick Stick" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Dark Water" by Podington Bear

"Nocturne Op 27 No 1" by Podington Bear

"Rain on Glass" by Podington Bear

"Pxl Cray" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Plataz" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Vik Fence Lardha" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Bivly" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Mad Scientist" by Fog Lake

"Connect the Dots" by Statusq

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