Myths and Legends

101-Fairy Tales: Three Dog Night

Myths and Legends

What do you do if an obvious witch stops you on the road and asks a favor? Keep walking, right? Well, for the first time in possibly the entirety of this podcast, here's an example of someone speaking to an evil-looking witch in the dark forest and it actually working out. It's the story of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Tinderbox".

Our second story is from Vietnam, and a poor family, a smart child, an evil moneylender, and a fly conspire to cause some legal difficulties.


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"Down and Around" by Podington Bear

"Holding Hands" by Podington Bear

"Lens Flare" by Podington Bear

"Solemn Oath" by Podington Bear

"Storm Passing" by Podington Bear

"Scalloped" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Wahre" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Slider" by Blue Dot Sessions

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