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MRS 042: Josh Greenwood

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Panel: Charles Max Wood


Guest: Josh Greenwood


This week on My Ruby Story, Charles talks to Josh Greenwood. Josh was recently on Ruby Rogues and he works for a consulting company called Test Double, where he works remotely with clients all across the country. He first got into programming because he was always around computers because of his Dad, and he always loved playing video games. His first real exposure to programming was when he found an HTML book on his Dad’s bookshelf and he used it to build a website. They talk about what led him to Ruby, what made him fall in love with programming, and much more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on: 

  • Josh intro
  • Ruby Rogues Episode 347
  • Test Double
  • How did you first get into programming?
  • Grew up around computers
  • Built a website based off a HTML book
  • Scripting for video games
  • Geocities
  • Exposure to the programming world
  • International Business degree
  • Didn’t always want to program as a career
  • Apriss
  • Ruby and Rails
  • Freelancing job
  • Learned Ruby at internships in college
  • What made you find a love for programming?
  • What drew you in to Ruby?
  • Ruby’s general approachability
  • Loved the Ruby community
  • What are you proud of contributing to the community?
  • What are you workn on now?
  • Recent talk at Code PaLOUsa
  • Learning Elm
  • And much, much more!





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