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RR 362: Measuring Ruby Performance with Rails and Discourse with Noah Gibbs

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • David Richards
  • Dave Kimura
  • Catherine Meyers

Special Guests: Noah Gibbs

In this episode of Ruby Rogues, the panelists talk to Noah Gibbs about measuring Ruby performance with Rails and Discourse. Noah wrote a book called Rebuilding Rails and is currently analyzing Ruby performance for AppFolio. They talk about how he puts benchmarks around Discourse, the 2 distinct audiences that come to Rails, and how Rails is constantly improving. They also touch on his life as a programmer leading up to being a Ruby fellow and much more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Catherine intro
  • Noah intro
  • Ruby Weekly
  • Do you find that your benchmark is applicable worldwide?
  • Rails is going to continue to rise and fall
  • Ruby code goes up and down with Rails in the US
  • Hanami
  • How do you put benchmarks around Discourse?
  • Messy and requires a lot of tooling
  • Always a balance in a benchmark
  • The “real world” is messy
  • 2 distinct audiences for Rails
  • Rails is transitioning over time
  • Nothing has ever come close to Rails
  • Technology revolves around what’s hot
  • Recent shift in technology
  • Server-less technology
  • The life of a Ruby fellow
  • And much, much more!








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