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TWiT 668: How Many Cups in a Stone?

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  • The FBI wants you to reboot your router right now. FBI agents have gained control of a huge Russian botnet. If your router is affected you just need to reboot it.
  • Facebook and Russian ads - how should government react in the age of cyber warfare?
  • Amazon sells facial recognition software to law enforcement officials. Is this an invasion of privacy, or a good example of public/private cooperation?
  • Alexa records a couple's conversation and sends it to a friend. Amazon has a convoluted explanation, but it may just come down to odds.
  • Google's AI can order you food, but Microsoft's can check in on your feelings, at least in China.
  • GDPR confusion takes news sites offline and sparks billions of dollars worth of lawsuits.
  • Disney's bid to buy Fox gets some competition from Comcast. Does this mean that Hulu is doomed?
  • Senators call for investigation into fake pro-net neutrality comments
  • Three charged in swatting death

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Iain Thomson, Matt Cutts, and Brian Forde

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This Week in Tech (MP3)

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