Myths and Legends

110-Viking Myths: Alone

Myths and Legends

Odin. Jotunheim. Shin Tinder. We're (basically) back in Norse mythology with the legendary story of Hadingus, a Viking king that hates being king. We'll visit nearly half of the worlds in Norse mythology as we follow a spectacularly bad ancient Norse hero.

The creature this time is a way to get superpowers...if you ever wanted to be a bitter, stinky, homicidal muppet.



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"Orange Juicier" by Podington Bear

"Holding Steady" by Podington Bear

"So We Go" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Closet Interlude" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Bristlecone" by Podington Bear

"Shade Ways" by Podington Bear

"Telltale" by Podington Bear

"We Make a Good Team" by Podington Bear

"House Finch" by Chad Crouch

"Journies" by Podington Bear

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