Myths and Legends

111-Thumbelina: Sweet Summer Child

Myths and Legends

Thumbelina's life is already difficult. She lives in early modern Denmark and is no bigger than her mom's thumb. Oh, and also, everyone wants to marry her. And by everyone, I mean everyone. Frog moms want her to marry their sons and, somehow, the story gets stranger from there. In true Hans Christian Andersen fashion, this fairy tale for children about a girl being born from a flower and trying to find love contains kidnapping, death threats, crushing nihilism, and sleazy moles. Childhood was different back in the 1800s.

The creature are shrimp fries! But you have to act now or they'll be gone...oh, My bad. They died 200 years ago.



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"Buzzy Minuet" by Chad Crouch

"De Facto" by Chad Crouch

"Platformer" by Chad Crouch

"Drawing Mazes" by Chad Crouch

"Idle Ways" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Uncertain Ground" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Velda Tallow" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Sal's Piano Solo" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Arbic Tallow" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Button" by Chad Crouch

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