Business Wars

Encore: Hasbro vs Mattel | Resurrection Joe | 4

Business Wars

Itโ€™s the early 1980s and things are not looking good for Hasbro. The company hasnโ€™t had a hit since Hungry Hungry Hippos; its founding CEO Merrill Hassenfeld has just died; now Star Wars dolls have just about gobbled up the entire action figure market. Hasbro needs to deliver a toy capable of taking on the Star Wars dolls, or else the company risks losing its only source of stable income, the family pencil factory.

But Hasbroโ€™s not the only toymaker plotting to take on Star Wars. Three thousand miles away in Los Angeles, Mattelโ€™s also preparing an assault on the action figure market. A line of fantastical action figures called The Masters of the Universe.

This episode originally aired on April 1, 2019.

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