80,000 Hours Podcast with Rob Wiblin

Arden & Rob on demandingness, work-life balance & injustice (80k team chat #1)

80,000 Hours Podcast with Rob Wiblin

Today's bonus episode of the podcast is a quick conversation between me and my fellow 80,000 Hours researcher Arden Koehler about a few topics, including the demandingness of morality, work-life balance, and emotional reactions to injustice.

Arden is about to graduate with a philosophy PhD from New York University, so naturally we dive right into some challenging implications of utilitarian philosophy and how it might be applied to real life. Issues we talk about include:

• If you’re not going to be completely moral, should you try being a bit more ethical, or give up?
• Should you feel angry if you see an injustice, and if so, why?
• How much should we ask people to live frugally?

So far the feedback on the post-episode chats that we've done have been positive, so we thought we'd go ahead and try out this freestanding one. But fair warning: it's among the more difficult episodes to follow, and probably not the best one to listen to first, as you'll benefit from having more context!

If you'd like to listen to more of Arden you can find her in episode 67, David Chalmers on the nature and ethics of consciousness, or episode 66, Peter Singer on being provocative, EA, and how his moral views have changed.

Here's more information on some of the issues we touch on:

Consequentialism on Wikipedia
Appropriate dispositions on the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
Demandingness objection on Wikipedia
• And a paper on epistemic normativity.


I mention the call for papers of the Academic Workshop on Global Priorities in the introduction — you can learn more here.

And finally, Toby Ord — one of our founding Trustees and a Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy at Oxford University — has his new book The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity coming out next week. I've read it and very much enjoyed it. Find out where you can pre-order it here. We'll have an interview with him coming up soon.

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